BlackHat SEO- Still an Effective Way of Achieving Business Success in the Internet

Blackhat SEO is a technique that makes use of less than legitimate strategies for achieving results. Search engine optimization can be black hat or white hat. White hat SEO has rules to be followed and techniques to be approved for improving a site search ranking. Meanwhile, black hat involves someone cheating to obtain similar results.

Today, a lot of techniques are regarded as legitimate black hat SEO. Black hat techniques are utilized for increasing search results SEO. But some individuals abused such methods and cause other internet users some problems. This is the reason search engines immediately disapprove the methods with the SEO community in general frowning upon them.

black hat seo

Techniques Used

The use of webpage characters with very small pixels is a mostly used black hat SEO technique. This is used so that such characters could not be caught by the human eye but crawled by search engines indexing them into their own databases. Another technique is the use of the character color that is similar to the background. Other techniques include:

  • Using CommentBots or Spambots for building backlinks
  • Creating backlinks from pages with high PR by exploiting security
  • Utilizing multiple H1 header tags on a certain web page
  • Making long keyword anchor link chains in a site
  • Hiding additional keywords in a site


Does BlackHat SEO Really Work?

The answer is quite simple. BlackHat SEO works at least in the short term. Unless a website owner launches his site with the support of a huge promotion and advertising budget, there is no other efficient and effective means to increase search engine ranking than with BlackHat SEO techniques. This is because BlackHat SEO is made for creating the illusion of authoritative, high PageRank and optimized sites.

Availability of Conferences on BlackHat SEO

A BlackHat World Conference is going to be attended by SEO experts who will share their success secrets. This event lasts for a few days providing information to individuals and organizations hungry for SEO techniques to maintain high search engine rankings. The conference will discuss the most recent developments in the internet world. Business success is about getting to the top of search engine ranks and those that have knowledge to do this right, using blackhat techniques, will definitely succeed.

Conferences on BlackHat SEO

People who will attend this kind of SEO conference will be able to meet the world’s best SEO specialists, industry people and global marketers. They will be provided with the chance to conduct some networking efforts and come up with deals which can change a business’ course for getting more money. These days, networking takes a big part in many industries. The ability to network with the right individuals plays a significant role in gaining business success. A couple of great connections will surely mean huge business for a certain company. In fact, social media marketing has really taken off the modern society. At the BlackHat Conference, people will learn how to achieve success in internet marketing.


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